When a "DREAM" comes true :)

Wouldn’t like to write long, so please, if you have missed this news, read about the “A to A: The World in Harmony” project in our previous post, to have the overall picture. If you have already done so, here’s what we would like to say: :)

Grateful to “Luys” who invited Dogma to be part of the project which sounded a bit weird at the beginning, on learning the concept – Music which is not written, but drawn by the Armenian children in Yerevan, Gargar Village and Boston, through a music composition environment called “Hyperscore” invented and led by a renowned Composer and Inventor Tod Machover. (?)

A number of questions were followed, a couple of eyebrows were raised. However, everything became clear when met with the children, Tod in the screen at the other end of the world explaining the children here and there how to start composing music and working on the collaborative piece. “Do I understand the idea right? Is Hyperscore aimed at helping a person, who doesn’t have any musical education, to bring out, reveal the already existing music in him?”. “Well… only if there is music in him”, says Tod.

Listening to the already made collaborative piece.

As a band which has always been for any undertaking with distinct ideas, we accepted the invitation gladly. Dogma was to perform 4 pieces written by the children.

A couple of hours at “Luys” office listening to over hundred pieces composed by the children and we choose about 20. A couple more hours of consideration and reconsideration on which pieces have the foundation to be viewed though our prism, discussions and quarrels as of how much we can interfere with the pieces, rehearsal, rehearsal, and rehearsal, and the 4 final pieces were chosen and ready:

1. Graceful march “Pirates Attack” by Gevorg Chshmarityan, Gargar Village.
2. Thoughtful psychodelic nightmare – “Dream” by Arman Shahverdian, Gargar Village.
3. Dogma’s ethnicity plus hyperbolic succession of dissonant chords “PB & Awesomness” by Christine Avagyan, Boston.
4. Rocky-Jazzy-Bluesy forgot-to-give-title piece “Hyperscore ex” by Alex Aslanyan.

You can find all the original pieces here at Luys Website. Whereas the whole event can be watched here, Dogma starting at 00:56 minutes:

A to A : The World in Harmony from Luys Foundation on Vimeo.

A bit strange feeling for us though – not having played any covers before, performing our own original music only, we faced a dillema – are we doing cover of a song, which has never been played before though, or we are presenting our stuff, us not the only composers? :) Whatever… the pieces were performed, the young composers were satisfied ;)

Can’t not mention Tod Machover here, whom we had the pleasure of meeting and knowing – a person whose love for innovative ideas is able to “infect” everyone around, who is in constant search of new scientific and seemingly uncombined combinations of music and technology. “Are you doing all this because you want to change the world around you, is it a dream thing?”, I’m asking. “Well, rather yes”, he nods and smiles.

Thanks to everyone engaged for making someone’s dream true, someone’s “Dream” played!!! :)

Below you can find links to coverage of the whole event on February 25 at A. Khachaturyan Concert Hall.

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