Wave Gotik Treffen – Retrospective !!!


Derik and sound engineer Karen were enchanted by the ladies in red ;)

Hey there, we are back from Leipzig, Germany, taken part in a terrific festival – meeting of all Gothic people and celebration of alternative music and not only – Wave Gotik Treffen!!! Over 200 participating bands and artists, thousands of Gothic visitors descended from viking and pagan times to ultra-modern directions making a spectacular audience indeed!

WGT visitors

4 days of  music and gothicly nice and friendly atmosphere throughout the Leipzig center at all the possible various venues indoor and open-air. Feasts and markets, fairs and a see of black dressed people… and lots of beer!!! Enjoyable and full of awesomeness!!!

At the gothic fair with the Norwegian “Los Dilletantos” folk band

Dogma played at the Leipzig Central Theater on May 28.  5:59:59p.m. … and 6:00 sharp the doors were slammed and the lights faded out. There was a total standstill. And there we got onto the stage!

The silence was unexpectedly followed by Dogma’s powerful sound explosion…

Since it was a separate concert, the audience had attended for Dogma’s concert particularly. But we might only guess due to the deep silence at the beginning of the first song that most of them were not expecting such a powerful sound and different music at the Central Theater, and probably this was the start of a kind of shocking therapy ;).

All the concert photos taken from http://darknation.eu/

However, the emotions, the big applause and delighted exclamations at the end of each song were growing from song to song lasting till the last second of Dogma’s presence on stage, breeding a storm of applause eventually, indicating to the fact that the right music knows no languages, no nationalities and no dogmas!

One hour of Dogma and, apparently, the German and/or multinational audience candidly accepted a music which is definitely strange to the ear with its structure and melody, nevertheless, good enough to be acknowledged. :)

What we acquired was the good experience and warmth of the new audience!

Cheers from Leipzig! Dogma

Thanks to everyone who made part of this manic gothic event! Thanks to the promoters for good organization! Thanks to the great audience and everyone supporting Dogma!!!

Stay with us for the next big festival!