When the idea is there after a long expectation, you need to take it. And here it is! The wonderful theatrical performance “Fairy tale cut from the cloud” written, staged and directed by Zara Antonyan, a talented young actress of The Yerevan State Puppet Theater, was what would harmonize with our music. And here is a mellow story made of Fingers and Renaissance.

Deeply grateful to Zara Antonyan for creating this fabulous performance and letting us make part of it!

Special thanks to Aram Rian and Albert Poghosyan for the brilliant video producing and their meticulous work!

Many many thanks to the actors and the team for their time, efforts and wonderful work!

Stage Director – Zara Antonyan, Complete Video Production – Aram Rian (VO.X), Director of Photography – Albert Poghosyan. Acting fingers – Yerevan State Puppet Theatre.