Serge Melkonyan (Sound Engineer, Keyboards)

Serge Melkonyan – The 5th “hidden” member of Dogma. Since the formation of Dogma Serge has been the band’s sound engineer. Serge has made an important part in recording and production of both of Dogma albums, in the latest of which, “Under Dogma”, he was also included with his keyboard parts. During the “Under Dogma” album presentation for the first time Serge was not behind the sound desk, as usually, but on stage with other Dogma members to fully present the new album.

Serge, known by his artist name Elkony, is also a composer, sound producer, and creative artist. His first solo album “Touch Your Mind” (2003) started his professional music career as a sound producer and composer. He is also the composer and sound designer of “Shadowmatic” meditative 3D puzzle game launched in 2014 and gaining high popularity among puzzle lovers.

Presently Elkony works and composes in his own studio. Alongside professional studio recording, he runs the Elkony production, which provides extensive variety of music production services to well-known local bands, commercial companies and famous directors, etc. If that sounds interesting to you, check his own website here .