Gor Avetisyan  (Drummer)

A very young drummer, who grasped Dogma’s attention by his keen drumming, smooth technique,  humble, witty and bright personality, and gladly accepted thier offer to join the band! In spite of his young age, Gor has managed to play in a number of musical projects, last of which was “Second Moon” – a rock band of teenage enthusiasts, which has temporary dispersed now. Currently Gor is also playing in a project named “Traffic Jam”, as well as in a number of other musical projects- that busy is this guy. But Dogma is the priority band for him and Gor invests all his efforts to make Dogma’s music sound as firm and distinct as it was before.

Gor telling his story:

“When I turned 10 years old, my father decided for me that it’s time I got engaged in music and offered to choose between two instruments – bass or drums. Without doubts I chose drums, since when still a little boy I loved drumming on my belly and later on all the pans and pots in our kitchen.  It so happened that my first drumming lesson was on March 8, Mothers’ Day, and I jokingly say that March 8 is also my day. At that time I was visiting  “Armenian Youth Home”, where I had my first concert, when I was so excited that was about to fall from the stage. Soon I was included in youth bands and gave concerts in Georgia and Artsakh along with the Municipality Youth Philharmonic Orchestra. I also used to play in orchestras of musical schools after A. Spendarian and A Tigranian, albeit I was not their student.

The circle of my friends broadened and soon I got aquainted with the “Second Moon” guys. Together we shot video clips and played a number of gigs. I need to mention with pride that 2 guys from that band now serve in the Armenian Army and we are looking forward to their return home.

Thanks to facebook I made contacts with Arthur Soghoyan, who in his turn made me acquainted with Vardan Grigoryan, Dogma’s bass player. So I was recruited in Dogma!

I am happy to work with this band, as I have many things to learn from them. I’m also thankful to Derik for his big support and favorable approach to me.

Thanks to all the band members for their trust and support”!