Derik  Vardumyan  (ex Drummer)

… 6 years of togetherness… 6 joyous years, 6 productive years, 6 cheerful years of creation, fun, inspiration, personal achievements, dime a dozen of concerts, festivals, 2 albums released, tons of love and true music in our Dogma family! And there was the time… Time to release, as difficult it might be… Time to say goodbye…

Derik Vardumyan, our multi-talented drummer, who made part of Dogma and its creation, decided to leave the rocks scene for a while, hopefully. We preserve all the warmth and love we had and will still have together out of Dogma world now, though family members are never on the outside! DOGMA


*Derik is simply one of the best drummers in Armenia. Having graduated from the Institute of Theatre and Cinema, Derik is also a singer in a choir called “Hover”, thanks to which he is deeply aware of the Armenian liturgical music and pure melody structure, which comes handy in making the right rhythm emphases.