Armenia left “under” Dogma!

2Never expect someone to pave the way for you – pick up the spade!

Never complain that things are not the way you’d like them to be – work them out your way!

Never wait for a change – start the change!

That is what we believe in and keep on doing during these 8 years of Dogma’s persistent existence in our lives!







Touring in Armenia was another wish to complete, yet a challenge to compete!

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Since all the activities and entertainment in Armenia are  mainly centered in the Yerevan capital city, Dogma’s first and foremost aim was to bring the culture of giving a high quality concert technically complying with the highest international standards into the farthest cities of Armenia and the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh. The touring map included Vanadzor, Gyumri, Sisian, Stepanakert, Kapan, Goris, Armavir.

11 hardworking days, 7 concerts free of any charge, a truck full of all the necessary equipment, a van carrying 15 team members, amazing Armenian landscapes, a bunch of unexpected positive emotions, a dime a dozen of empty beer bottles!

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Meeting new young and bright people and playing our music for them, that sometimes being first ever live concert they attended in their lives, was an immensely touching feeling, and their sparkling eyes and the emotions they shared with us after each concert was the biggest gratitude for our music and a proof that all this undertaking was not in vain!

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Dogma was a pioneer in creating a world-class level live band touring culture in Armenia and we hope this will serve an example to all the musicians who ever thought about this, but were unsure to take the first step. Now, here you go, we’ve paved that way! ;)

We thank each and everyone who made part of this unprecedented event (and we don’t hesitate to use this word!) : our sound engineer Serge Melkonyan, our system engineer Hrachya Sultanyan, our light engineer Aram Aghajanyan for their friendship and hard and devoted work, managers Artashes Babayan and Edgar Vardanyan for not giving up, journalist Maria Hovsepyan and operator Hrant Marinosyan, who along with Civilnet.TV will soon present film telling about this tour, to riggers Karen and Tigran Babayans for doing their hard work with smiles and lightness, and to our drivers who drived us and the equipment home safe and sound! Spacial thanks to Gyumri and Sisian city council mayors for their kind hospitality.

And the biggest thanks to the Ministry of Culture of Armenia, Rostelecom, OnOff Company, Yerevan State Puppet Theater, who trusted us and sponsored this initiative, thanks to which we did not have to empty our own pockets to make it happen ;) !

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